Bright Eyes Doggy Day Care Cheltenham

Why Us?

  • A Small Gang Is A Happy Gang!

    We limit our Doggy Day Care to just seven regular spaces each day. This means your dog will always receive the individual attention they deserve and never feel crowded or overwhelmed. All our regulars have their own day(s) reserved each week, which means everyday is always full of best friends!

  • Lots Of Added Extras

    We offer a home boarding service exclusively for our Day Care clients, as well as discounts on our training program. With our multiple qualifications in dog psychology and training, we are always happy to give you advice on nutrition, behavioural issues and any other doggy questions you may have.

  • Our Fantastic Walks

    Unlike other centres who do the same on-site walk every day, we have scouted the countryside around Cheltenham to create a set of varied walks that are wonderful exercise, safe, fun and always highly stimulating. This means there's a different adventure every single day - you can see them in the gallery!

  • We Are Small Dog Specialists

    We specialise in Day Care and Home Boarding for small dogs: Chihuahuas to Spaniels and everything in between! Most dogs prefer the company of those that are a similar size, so with us, no one ever feels intimidated and everyone is compatible when it comes to playtime!

  • We Absolutely Love Dogs

    We mean totally, utterly love dogs. We think dogs are uniquely special and have made them our life. When we care for a dog, we treat them like our own and quickly build up a strong, trusting relationship. This means your dog will always be surrounded by love and you can rest assured when they’re not with you, they’re in the best possible hands.

Doggy Day Care

Looking for a full day of care? Then Bright Eyes Doggy Day Care is the answer!

Bright Eyes Doggy Day Care begins when we collect your dog from your home in the morning, ready for a full day of adventure with us:

  • The Bright Eyes gang start with at least an hour-long walk in local countryside far away from roads and traffic. All our walks are selected to provide an ideal mix of exercise and stimulation in a totally natural and safe environment. Every day is a different adventure!
  • Back at Bright Eyes HQ, your dog is free to enjoy our house and 100ft garden like it is their own. We are with them at all times, making sure they get all the playtime, toys, naps and cuddles they could possibly want!
  • Throughout the afternoon we run agility lessons, scent training, mind exercises and other fun, stimulating activities to keep even the busiest minds and noses happy.
  • In the evening we return your happy, well-exercised and clean dog to your home for you to see their Bright Eyes yourself!

£28 per day, includes collection and return

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See some of our adventures here!

Our Added Day Care Extras

We also offer additional services and benefits exclusively for our Day Care and Home Boarding clients:

  • Exclusive home boarding for our day care regulars.
  • Discounts on our expert training programs, where our partner trainer, Chris May Dog Training, works one-to-one with you in your home to help them (and you!) with any training or behavioural needs.
  • As qualified dog professionals, with years of experience, we are always happy to offer advice on nutrition, behaviour and any other doggy questions you may have.

Home Boarding

If you’re going away overnight or on holiday for a few weeks, we can look after your dog in our home for their very own doggy vacation – a service we offer exclusively for our day care regulars.

Our home boarding service includes collection and return to your home, at least an good hour-long walk each day, all the play, cuddles and attention they need, feeding according to their routine and at the end of every fun day, a comfy sleep in our home like they would in their own (we never use kennels or crates for any of our ‘guests’).

We are very happy to use your dog’s own bedding if you’d prefer them to have some home-comforts but we provide all leads, bedding, bowls as part of the service.

£35 per 24 hours, includes collection and return