About Bright Eyes Dog Care: Cheltenham's No 1 Daycare and Dog Trainer

Our Story

The story of Bright Eyes Dog Care and Dog Trainer started when we were young, since dogs have always been our life. The magic of being in a dog’s company, watching them fully living in the moment, as only a dog knows how to do, makes for a perfect existence. We have grown up with dogs and owned several breeds, but our knowledge was further developed when in 2013 we travelled around the world for a year, caring for dogs as we went.

Once back in the UK, we began looking after dogs professionally and fully realised our affinity with them; understanding their needs and thriving on the feeling when you and your dog walk in together in a calm, purposeful rhythm.

We realised we were positively contributing to their well-being and knew we’d done our job when seeing their bright eyes radiating happiness and the smile on their owners faces when they returned. And so, Bright Eyes was born – please read on to find out more about Bright Eyes Dog Day Care and Dog Trainer!

Our Philosophy

Our ethos is to provide a safe, loving and happy environment whilst you are away from your dog, whether for a day or as long as you need. Rest assured, your dog will have a wonderful time – you can read it in their eyes!

When our Westie angel Poppy couldn’t stay with family, we would use a dog walker or boarder, but always worried whether she was having a nice time – we couldn’t bear the thought of her being sad, even for a second. We often wished she could speak, so we knew she was happy. But, over time, we realised she was – in the way she wagged her tail, was more inquisitive and most of all, she had BRIGHT EYES.

Our approach as a Dog Trainer is exactly the same. By putting your dog at the heart of things, we can share our understanding of them, and show you how to clearly and effectively communicate exactly what you want.

About Us, Our Day Care and Our Dog Training

Bright Eyes Dog Care and Training is owned and run by us, Chris and Becs, from our home in Cheltenham.

We love every single thing about dogs and have made them our life. This means not only will we treat your dog as our own, but you can rest assured when leaving your dog with us – or when we are training them – that their well-being and welfare will be central to everything we do.

We both hold several qualifications (including Advanced Diplomas in Canine Behaviour, Dog Training and Dog Grooming), so our years of experience working with dogs is underpinned by the latest scientific knowledge in how dogs think and behave.

This allows us to deeply understand the needs of all the dogs in our care and ensure their time with us at Bright Eyes Dog Care and Training is always safe, stimulating and of course, lots of fun!

Our Doggy Day Care Home

We offer a complete home-away-from-home for our Day Care and Boarding guests.

Whilst with us, your dog will be free to enjoy all of our home and 100ft garden like it is their own. We never use kennels, crates or separate buildings for dogs – if you are looking for somewhere for your loved one when you are not at home, what better than another home they can come to?

Aside from our sofas and armchairs, we have lots of comfy dog cushions, mats and baskets so there is always somewhere cosy for them to relax and dream happily about their day’s adventures with us.

To keep even the busiest doggy minds occupied, we have plenty of toys, mental-games, scent-training exercises, an agility course and other stimulating activities for them to enjoy throughout the day.

Throughout the day your dog will have constant access to our secure, 100ft garden. Whether its space to run, sniff or just to lounge under our trees, they’ll always be happy!

The bottom of our garden leads onto private fields (through a secure, locked gate), which we use for extra walks in the afternoon and evening for those that want it. Together with our main walk in the countryside around Cheltenham, this means even the most active dogs in our care always come home properly exercised –  ready for cuddles and bed!