FAQs About Our Day Care and Dog Training

Please click on your question below. If there’s anything we haven’t included, just get in touch and we’d be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Dog Day Care & Home Boarding:

We have just six regular Day Care slots each day. Whilst this does mean our availability is very limited, we keep our numbers low so we can always be fully attentive to all the dogs in our care.

For our Day Care and Home Boarding we specialise in small to medium sized dogs (Spaniels to Chihuahuas and everything in between!). We absolutely encourage dogs of all sizes to mix, however have chosen to specialise in smaller dogs so that everyone is comfortable and compatible when it comes to playtime!

We are able to care for dogs once they are six months of age. However, we treat every dog as an individual and this does depend on their level of social skills development and their house training. If your dog is a little younger than this, please still get in touch and we would be happy to discuss things further.

No need to worry about them - we can ensure you this will not prevent your dog from having a wonderful time. The great thing about dogs is that they live in the moment, and we will be able to build up their confidence the more they interact with new sights, smells and friends. Every dog is individual and requires an individual approach. When we first meet yours, we will be able to assess their requirements and make sure they feel safe and secure at all times.

Yes, absolutely! We have created our walks to cater for all exercise requirements. We have private, secure fields behind our home for additional walks in the afternoon and evening so even the busiest dog will be well exercised!

In the Cotswold countryside surrounding Cheltenham, far away from traffic and roads. All our walks are designed to be an ideal mix of exercise and stimulation, to allow all the dogs in our care to enjoy nature securely. We vary our walks as we feel it’s important dogs experience new areas, smells and activities because, just like humans, they can become bored and disengaged with a continuously repeated walk. Everyday with us is a different adventure!

We know how much trust you are placing in us when caring for your dog and we take our responsibilities extremely seriously. We walk all new dogs on a lead until we are confident in their recall, at which point we are happy to walk off lead whilst keeping them closely supervised. If your dog has patchy recall or roaming tendencies, we have lightweight GPS trackers to give you peace of mind. In all our years of working professionally with dogs, we have never had one lost or injured on any of our walks.

We will pick up your dog from their home and drop them back afterwards for no additional charge. Our collection times are between 08:30-09:30 in the morning, with returns between 16:30-17:30 in the evening. It is absolutely up to you whether you are in or out, nearly all our regulars find it most convenient to provide us a key that we keep securely on our premises, but it’s totally up to you.

We always first arrange a trial day to ensure your dog fits in and is well socialised, which gives us the time to get to know them and their personality. We do this with every new dog we care for, so you can be sure every dog with us is well socialised and great company for your own dog. If you have a nervous dog, or have concerns yourself,  we're very happy to first meet you and your dog either in your home or ours.

Whilst we are always happy to offer ad hoc Day Care, it does depend on our availability which is very limited. For us to reserve a set day(s) each week for your dog, we do ask you are able to commit to using it regularly (baring holidays, illness etc). This allows us to keep our numbers low and the care at its highest!

We're very experienced in quickly building a rapport with all the dogs we meet. Once they are comfortable with us, we spend time learning about their individual personality and establish a trusting relationship with them. To help us with this, we like to know details such as their favourite toys, tickles, games and treats - you will find space for this on our registration form.

Yes, nothing is too much trouble for your dog. We have cared for young, old, those with phobias and physical aliments. All will be safe, happy and well cared for. Please include any special requirements your dog has on our registration form and we will be very happy to discuss how we can manage that.

Nothing at all for our Day Care service, as we provide all the leads, doggy bags etc. For Home Boarding we only require you provide their food and any medicine/treatments they need. It can help them settle, especially the first time they are with us, if you would also provide their bedding/basket and a favourite toy for them to cuddle up with!

We never use crates, kennels or out-buildings of any sort. When your dog is with us our home is their home. We appreciate there is a lot of advice on crating, as a solution to behavioural issues, however we fundamentally do not agree with this practice as it can be distressing for the dog. We would be very happy to offer advice on alternative solutions that do not rely on crates, for a more comprehensive service please see our Dog Training section.

In our well-ventilated doggy van, which has loads of space and comfy orthopaedic mats for your dog to relax on as we take them to their day’s adventures with us. As we keep our numbers low, there is always plenty of room for everyone - and every dog we care for always excitedly jumps in, tail wagging!

Absolutely not! We have a warm outdoor dog-shower to ensure everyone is well cleaned after our walks. Your dog will then be groomed and brushed to make sure they come back to you properly clean. We will give any dogs who like to roll in nasties a head-to-toe shower with dog-safe shampoo before they return home.

We are Day Care and Boarding specialists, and so do not offer a separate walking service. This means that we only go on one main walk each day rather than several throughout the day, which can be tiring especially for the smaller ones. For those that need it, we have private, secure fields behind our home for additional walks in the afternoon and evening, so even the busiest dog will always be well exercised

Yes, we are comprehensively insured for any eventuality.

Dog Training & Behavioural Work:

Absolutely anything you require. Our general obedience training includes lead-walking, recall and a useful set of commands, but we will build a bespoke program around you and your unique needs.

Again, anything you need. The most common behaviours we address include excessive barking, separation anxiety, house training issues, biting/chewing and aggression. However, every dog is an individual, so please get in touch with anything you would like us to help with, and we would be very happy to discuss things further.

Yes, please don’t worry, we are here to help you. Aggression towards other dogs and people usually has a simple root cause and, with the right work and commitment, is something that can absolutely be overcome.

Every dog is different and some will see results quicker than others. With the right commitment, we usually see effective results within a few sessions, but it all depends on their individual behavioural needs. Please get in touch for a free telephone consultation, where we can better provide a recommendation based on your needs.

Yes, absolutely. We are there to show you how to employ our methods and techniques, but to make permanent changes, it will need to be yourself using them together with our support.

No, never. All our methods are based on respect and clear communication. We believe training should never make the dog feel scared or anxious and should always be a positive experience they enjoy.

We hold multiple qualifications in dog training and behaviour, including fully-accredited Advanced Diplomas in Canine Psychology and Dog Training. To be a truly effective trainer you need to know exactly what is going on in a dog’s mind, and our years of professional experience are underpinned by the latest scientific knowledge on how dogs think and exactly what drives their behaviour.

Because we have been there and done it successfully many times already. Whatever your dog’s issues and problems may be, rest assured we have already helped many others with the same. Our methods are straightforward and highly effective, meaning you will be able to quickly see real results.

For general training, we suggest working on a session by session basis until you are happy with the results. For more complex behavioural issues, we will come to your home for an initial consultation, after which we will create a report for you outlining our analysis and program of work. This will be followed up by however many visits and/or telephone conversations you require until the behavioural issues have been resolved.

We are based in Cheltenham, but cover most of Gloucestershire, including Gloucester, Cirencester, Tewkesbury and Stroud. Please get in touch with us to find out if we will be able to cover your location.

We offer one-to-one training in your own home, as this will be where your dog is most comfortable and where most behaviours present themselves. If the issues are usually encountered in another location (i.e. your local park, a family member’s home etc) then will be very happy to discuss working with you and your dog there instead.

We work one-to-one in your own home. Besides the convenience for you, this means that you and your dog will receive all of our focus and expertise, making the sessions much more productive.

We are hugely experienced in working with rescues and other dogs who can be anxious and reactive. Through our years of experience, we will be able to quickly build up a trusting relationship with your dog and will always take things at a pace they, and you, are comfortable with.

Yes, we are comprehensively insured as dog trainers.