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Bright Eyes Doggy Day Care Cheltenham

Doggy Day Care
Doggy Day Care With Bright Eyes Dog Care

Bright Eyes Dog Care provides Doggy Day Care filled with love, fun and care. We specialise in smaller dogs (Spaniels to Chihuahuas and everything in between!) and are experienced with dogs of all ages and needs – with free collections and returns covering the whole of Cheltenham. 

We guarantee your dog’s welfare will be at the heart of everything we do – you’ll be able to see the proof yourself in their eyes!

Our Services

Doggy Day Care

Dog Day Care

A full day of care. Includes collection and return from your home, an hour-long walk in nature plus all the playtime, enrichment and cuddles they want in our home!

£28 per day

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Home Boarding

Home Boarding

Offered exclusively for our Day Care clients. Includes collection and return, everything in our Day Care service, plus a cosy overnight stay in our home where they get all the attention and fuss they want!

£35 per 24 hours

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Dog Training

Dog Training

If your dog needs help with general training or specific behavioural issues, our training partner, Chris May Dog Training, offers expert one-to-one training and their effective methods will give you swift and permanent results.

£49 per one-to-one session

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What Makes Those Bright Eyes?

For every second your dog is with us for Dog Day Care, Dog Training or Home Boarding, they will be surrounded by love, fun and care.

Here are some of the things that make those Bright Eyes!

Dog Day Care and Training - Walks


All our walks are selected to provide an ideal mix of exercise and stimulation, in a totally natural and safe environment. With us, every day is a different adventure!

Dog Day Care and Training - Play


All the playtime they could want with us and their friends! Plus agility lessons, scent training and other fun, stimulating activities to keep even the busiest minds happy.

Bright Eyes Dog Care and Training - Cuddles


There is always at least one of with them at all times to make sure even the biggest cuddle monsters get all the attention and fuss they could possibly want!

Bright Eyes Dog Care and Training - Garden 2

Best Friends

All our regulars have their own set days each week, which means every day is full of doggy best friends. So, they'll never be far from a playmate or a nap buddy!

Our 5 Star Doggy Day Care Rating

We are proud to hold a maximum 5 star rating for our Doggy Day Care and Home Boarding from Cheltenham Borough Council (license number 21/01441/AWREGS), so you can rest assured that our expertise, home environment and the doggy activities we offer are of the absolute highest standard.

But you don’t need to see our 5 star license to know that, just look at the happy faces and tails of our furry friends!

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