Bright Eyes Dog Training Cheltenham

Why Us For Your Dog Training?

  • Our Years Of Experience

    We have years of professional experience working with dogs of all personalities and temperaments. This means we have the knowledge and methods to help you make straight-forward, effective and permanent changes with your own dog. Whatever your needs or aims are, you can be sure we have successfully achieved the same many times before.

  • We Are Fully Qualified

    We hold multiple qualifications in dog training and behaviour, including fully-accredited Advanced Diplomas in Canine Psychology and Dog Training. To be a truly effective trainer you need to know exactly what is going on in a dog’s mind, and our years of professional experience are underpinned by the latest scientific knowledge on how dogs think and exactly what drives their behaviour.

  • Our Unique Training Style

    There are many different ways of training, though not all are equal. Our unique training style puts communication and respect central to everything we do, and is built from years of experience, research and understanding. Whatever your needs, we can show you how your dog is attempting to communicate with you, and how you can unlock the ability to effectively communicate with them.

  • We Are Not Just Dog Trainers

    As well as our dog training and behavioural work, we also care for dogs every single day. This means we are constantly practising our methods in the ‘real-world’ on walks and in our home. We know the challenges you face as a dog owner and understand it’s one thing practising for an hour with a trainer but quite another making those lessons stick the rest of the time! This is why we have built our training program to be straight-forward and fit into your everyday life.

  • Our Proven Methods

    From basic obedience training all the way through to complex behavioural issues, we have been there and done it - and have never met a dog we could not help. So, whether you have a dog who needs some general training, help with problem behaviour, a rescue who needs some rehabilitation or anything else, our proven methods can give you quick and long-lasting results.

Bright Eyes Dog Training

Dog Training & Behavioural Work

Is your dog presenting difficult or nuisance behaviour?

  • Excessive barking?
  • Chewing or biting?
  • Toilet accidents?
  • Pulling on the lead?
  • Not coming when called?
  • Suffering from anxiety?
  • Are they becoming aggressive towards other people or dogs?

Or are you looking for:

  • General obedience lessons
  • Puppy skills or preparation
  • Some rehabilitation for your rescue

If you want a life free from stressful situations, to be able to always enjoy your dog’s company like you both want to, then Bright Eyes Dog Training is here to help you.

We offer expert and proven one-to-one training to effectively and quickly solve any problem.

We hold multiple qualifications (including Advanced Diplomas in Canine Behaviour and Dog Training), so our years of experience working with dogs is underpinned by the latest scientific knowledge on how dogs think and behave. This allows us to deeply understand their behaviour and show you how our powerful and straight-forward training methods can solve any situation.

Our rates are £45 per session, and we cover  Cheltenham and much of the surrounding area for no additional charge. Please get in touch for a free initial telephone consultation.

Cheltenham's Only APDT Member

I am proud to be the only dog trainer in Cheltenham who is a member of the UK’s leading professional body: the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (membership number 01493).

All APDT members are required to complete a rigorous assessment of both theoretical and practical knowledge, so you can be assured that my understanding of dog training, together with my methods and techniques, have been held to a very high professional standard.

I completely adhere to the APDT’s code of practice, which means my training sessions will always be kind, fair and never use any cruel aversive training methods. All my training techniques are drawn from the latest scientific research and are always in keeping with modern learning theory.

This means when choosing me for your dog’s training or behavioural work, you are choosing a dog trainer who is committed to treating every dog positively and who will use the latest and most effective training methods to give you swift and permanent results.

You can find out more about the APDT here, and view my membership page here.